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Sinopsis First Love 2 - The Sequel 9 Years Gone

• The story begins with the last in interview then Shone will say what he’s been waiting for “Nam, can you be my girlfriend” saying this is what he actually wants to say giving her the dry white rose that Nam give him.

• They become an item in public’s eyes after that.

• Next, the story will reveal some sightings wherein Shone gave Nam letters of encouragement while she is pursuing her fashion career. Even though they are both apart, Shone still made ways to know what’s happening to her. He even went to her first fashion show in U.S.

• It will reveal that Shone also try to do the “9 recipes of love” to Nam.

• The story will reveal that Shone confess to Top after coming back from the camp then Top got mad which Pin heard also. Pin accepted Shone apologies saying she already knows but deep inside she’s hurt. After two years, because of friends’ commitment, Shone and Top are friends again. 

• After arriving in America, Nam misses Shone. So, she made notes the things she missed to him. One thing for one day and she pursue more in studying their even though people criticize her race. 

• Shone never look other girls even many give intentions. After two years, Top is marrying Mango’n’cake girl who bullied Nam before. But Top later discovers she’s cheating on him. That’s why Shone made a website which advices men about their love problems.


• After the interview, Shone and Nam started their glowing relationship. They date, stroll and celebrate monthsaries like teenagers. They went to the bridge where he tell the story of the squid couple and propose a marriage. 

• They both have never got their first kisses.

• Boat is the best uncle of Shone. Teacher Boat and Teacher In were having their marriage and both Shone and Nam is the best man and the maid of honor. They both got the bouquet and the garter. 

• Cher, Gie and Nim which are married to funny husbands are fighting who will be Nam’s maid of honor. Nam said whoever gives her the greatest gift will be the winner.

• The button was made by Nam again into a pen’s chain. Buttons and white roses is the theme of their wedding.

• Before the wedding, the couple takes a cruise saying this will be the beginning of more happy moments. No one knows they’re leaving.


• A bad luck happens. The cruise ship traveling East China Sea got wrecked and sinks. Before they parted ways, they said “I love you” to each other.

• Shone was found by a liberated lady in her 30th in the shores of Korea. She can speak many languages because she’s an interpreter in a company although Shone can speak Korean, too.

• Nam was found by a singer in the Philippines who travels a lot and a former Thai national but stays with his Filipino uncle.

• Both Shone and Nam lost their memories. They also have no identification.

• The liberated lady name Nana was runawayed by three men in her wedding. She’s on a leave from her work to compose herself but to her surprised, she found an angel and named him Hue because he don’t remember anything but call him Cupid because he’s the angel of love send from heaven. She takes advantage on him but in a friendly way and Cupid enjoyed her company. She seduce him and really thanks God for giving her a buffet instead a meal which is Cupid. She also helps him to get identified.

• The singer name Jhong was a single man and recently remembering his mother’s death. He owns a beach house and found a girl on the lips of the sea and names her Psyche because of love at first sight. He teaches her how to adapt in their country’s culture and fiestas and invite her watching his gigs and teach her songs. He’s cute and full of humor even he just staring her without any reasons. He’s a husband material who has a little bubbly friend Thea (from the neighborhood) who always tease Psyche to Jhong. 

• Little by little Shone and Nam see their memories.

• Nana and Jhong got their (Shone and Nam) first kisses.

• Jhong decides to went Thailand with Psyche and Nana after resuming her work learn that Cupid is from the cruise accident and decided to surrender Cupid.


• A dream made Shone and Nam remember everything. They both run and went to the bridge where they meet again.

• Nam said to Shone that someone had taken her first kiss. Shone said “I’ll erase it” and he erase it using his thumb. Then Shone remember he, too, give already his first kiss so Nam imitate what Shone did. And there, they make their first kiss.

• They got home like nothing happened.

• Nana found out that Shone is the reason why her three weddings failed because of the post he made for liberated women’s bad habits and the advices he gave to the three grooms. Nana gets angry and slaps Shone. Nana is the true writer of “9 recipes of love” after visiting Thailand to learn their language and culture.

• Jhong is glad that Nam finally found Shone. He went back to his old house in Thailand and opens his memories in the cabinet containing pictures of Nam, diaries and things that have connection to Nam. The story will reveal he also a classmate of Shone who secretly in love with Nam. After he discovered that Nam likes Shone, he makes ways for Shone to fell for Nam. He also owned the button that Nam preciously treasures, is the reason why Shone went to the pool, why Shone knows her name, and why she became popular because he’s the one playing the Snow White video . He believes what her mother said to him that he do things that makes her love ones happy.

• Cher wins the contest by giving Nam the greatest gift of all.

• Shone and Nam get married.

• Shone apologize to Nana and invited her to a party where Nana meets Top.

• Shone has heart ailment he inherit to his grandparents. Nam is worried when he collapse in the party.

• Shone needs heart and luckily he got a donor.

• Shone and Nam decided and want to thank the donor together. The family of the donor gave them a chance to give thanks personally. Shone said he’ll come after. Nam discovers it was Jhong who have a disease in the colon that prohibits him to drink alcohol. (he gets it when her mother died 3 years ago)

• Shone recognizes him and thanks him for everything then Jhong said his final message (like thanking Nam and a lot and happy he’ll be a part on someone she loves {Shone’s heart}) and request Nam to sing his mother’s song which he taught to her. Then, he died.


• Top is married with Nana while Shone and Nam visited the cemetery where Jhong was buried. They introduce their son name after Jhong’s Thai name “Kip” and promise him they’ll live out the opportunity he gave them. Nam reveals what Cher gave to her. A song that really fits her.

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Title : First Love 2
Version : The Sequel 9 Years Gone
Date Released : 2012
Quality : DVDRip
Category : Movies
Size : 900 MB
Genre : Drama, Romance, Comedy
Publisher : GTH
Format : MKV
Password : -
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